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When did you start learning Japanese?

I've been learning Japanese since early 2013.

Do you live in Japan?

Yes, I've been living in Japan with my wife since April 2019, and I'm currently staying on a spouse visa. I've also been to Japan before during a foreign exchange year and during another two months while on vacation with my wife.

What do you do for a living?

I am self-employed and work fulltime on the project NihonGo and everything that it involves. I operate the NihonGo YouTube channel, and I create online Japanese courses on Udemy. I also host weekly live streams where I answer every question my audience might have. Aside from that, I also offer classes for Japanese businesses to improve their cultural understanding of the west.

What started your fascination with Japanese language and culture?

I saw a YouTube video of a live performance of a Japanese singer at the end of 2012. The thing that left the biggest impression aside from her voice was the sound of the language itself. I decided to try to learn Japanese soon after and I haven't lost my love for it ever since. My fascination with the Japanese people and their culture only continued to grow the more I learned. I love the Japanese way of life, and I'm incredibly happy that I have the opportunity to see and live it every day.

What university did you go to, and what did you study?

I studied physics in Düsseldorf for one year. I also started studies of modern Japan as a major, as well as philosophy at the same time. I graduated with a Bachelor degree, and I also did a foreign exchange year from 2015 to 2016 at the Kwansei-Gakuin-University in Japan.



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